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Please Join HANNS HOUSE to combat Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Since Mar 19th, Hanns House has been providing our guest travelers hundreds of comfortable rooms for quarantine purpose during the pandemic period.

Our Welcome Inspection Team features professional medical staffs who provide our honorable guests a thorough sanitization procedure and detailed introduction on quarantine guidelines. During the 14-days quarantine period, the team will check on our guests’ health status and provide professional medical consultancy on a daily basis to keep our guests safe and sound.

In order to ensure the wellbeing of all of our guests and Hanns House’s staff members, Hanns House will implement the following actions are measures:

For Our guests

◆ Forehead thermometers and alcohol-based sanitizers are presented at the lobby and parking lot. Please follow our staff members’ instruction on the sanitation procedures.

◆ For guests who have a fever (≧37.5 degrees Celsius), cough, or related symptoms, Hanns House’s staff members will assist you on proper medical care procedures; Hanns House reserves the right to notify the local Centers for Disease Control and decline your reservation or re-entrance.

◆ For guests who are feeling ill or have any irregular symptoms, please contact our staff members. We will provide necessary assistance to mitigate your inconvenience.

◆ Accordance to the Travel Warning policies, the mandatory home-isolation and quarantine procedure apply to all travelers. For guests who have traveling records in the past 14-days, Hanns House will reserve the right to decline your reservation. (More information can be found by calling the Taiwan CDC hotline:1922 or 0800-001922.)

Hanns House’s Precaution Measures

◆ All staff members should wear face-masks, measure body temperatures, and report all travel histories when entering Hanns House.

◆ Staff members will thoroughly sanitize each guest-room’s furnitures, floor and bathroom with professional disinfectant to ensure a safe living environment for our guests.

◆ All spaces in Hanns House will be sanitized regularly for our guests’ health and safety.

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